Monday, March 10, 2014

Russia's advance on Ukraine

This map is an open-source project designed to help spread accurate, timely information about the Russian occupation of Crimea. Data is drawn from various open and private sources. 

Some precise locations are unknown. The status of many sites are uncertain and in flux. Updates are made frequently. Help with compatibility to other mobile devices would be appreciated.
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Color Key:

  • Blue: Ukrainian military (dark) and civil (light) sites.
  • Red: Russian Black Sea Fleet and recent military-occupied sites, and sites in Russian Federation (dark) 
  • Grey: Abandoned military sites possibly occupied
Certain inactive, abandoned air fields are shown due to reports that Russian military is using them as auxiliary helicopter sites. 

What you see on this map is only a small part of all the military sites on Crimea. I am posting them as events happen; it will take a long time for Russia to physically occupy all Ukrainian sites. Map does not and will not included rumors or sightings of troop movements.

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