Friday, March 21, 2014

Crimea is lost.

Newer additions mostly at the bottom of the legend box, but not strictly in chronological order. Some of these sites located very precisely, other approximate. Thanks to my return visitors. Visitors from 75 countries so far.

It's all over for Ukrainian Crimea. Ukrainian armed forces have been left on their own, without clear orders or support from the Ministry of Defense in Kiev, which seems to be weakly organized or marginally loyal to the transition "unity" government, such as it is. The scene is lacking even clear signs of an organized retreat at this late stage.

I will no longer document the Russian occupation of individual military sites, since all are presumed subject to takeover sooner or later.

All that remains is to wait and see whether the situation begins to calm down, with Ukraine forfeiting Crimea and holding on to the rest of the country, or whether war breaks out in eastern Ukraine. I don't mean it is just me waiting -- it is also the Russians and the Ukraine central government waiting to see how things play out.

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